Dream like children…


Life is good!

Despite anything else.The world in which I live still continues to amaze.I love watching a sunrise with joy, I love rainy afternoons at home and the grace of the birds to fly.I firmly believe that the small details are what really make us happy …

But as time passes I realize that humanity lost unashamedly surprising capacity.As we grow we may forget how happy sweets made our toys and hugs from our parents.Life is based on emotions and emotions at moments. Last week I had the opportunity to share in a mission trip,This time the trip was in my country El Salvador. I was able to share with people dedicated to the service of others. Knowing that in the world there are people like them, which people do not hesitate to leave their area community to provide a smile or a hug of encouragement to a child of my country, that gives me peace in my heart.

I firmly believe that every you do to a child laugh the world becomes a slightly better place to live …


Every time you give yourself by passion for what they really love, you are fulfilling the divine purpose. Sometimes we need to forget that time passes us and become children again.  When the day is overcast and it is raining, Run! under the rain, Run! before the days to come which you can not do more. Love! with passion, Fly! And if you wonder why you do not have wings, you have to know that dreams are your wings. Smile when even have teeth and when you no longer have, continues to do so proudly. Life is only one, and we can not go down to the grave with false expectations of what was our life.

Life is full of obstacles, but the secret is to learn to overcome them and have fun in the process …

I do believe in brothers who were born in different countries. In hearts that beat at the same time by a common passion. In people who have known one day and the universe conspires to make it happen. I think there are people who do not speak the same language, but they communicate. So I believe in you my friends hands of hope …


and He said: Verily I say unto you, do not turn and become like children, never enter the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3


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