“Mercy’s streets”


      (San Salvador, El Salvador) 

Mercy streets are located in the Valley of the shadow of death. Only when you have descended to this Valley will you recognize the importance of it. Only when in the middle of large storms will you realize the importance of a life-saver.

When we experience the bitterness of life is when we recognize the blessing of being alive.

But some of what I am sure is the importance of crossing these dark places.  This place most of the time is bitter.

Something important to clarify is that here no one is with you!

As a backpacker in the world I can say that in the vast majority of places in which I State, constant is the fear of loneliness or fear of learning in rude and unfriendly places. 

In my time alone with the Lord, I have experienced that God is not at all religious.

If we talk about truth, we all like to be at the top of the mountains.  We like to be there because it is a place of comfort, respect and status, but a soldier must go down to the field of war and fighting otherwise will be a tourist.

For years it has taught us that being in the Valley of the shadow of death is a consequence of punishment, repudiation or place of banishment.

But the truth is that God himself can pass through these places as training.

A person who does not fall to the Valley is a weak person, because the fruit trees are not at the top of the mountain.

God has given me a dream and I will not stop until reach I reach it and get a smile of the father, but also is that you can not reach it without training.

“The tops of the mountains are for the view and inspiration but the fruit that makes us grow is located in the valleys” Billy Graham

Is that can not reach the streets of gold before many times walking through the streets of mercy…

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